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October 23, 2013

Despite Adversity, Some Species Just Survive

Coyotes, whose lugubrious howl defines the badlands, have spread over the eastern United States. But this coyote reached Midtown. Naturalists think he crossed into Manhattan from mainland America over one of the northern bridges, then made his way south via Riverside Park. Between that and Central Park lie the apartments of many liberals; the beast must have slunk past them in the night. Your average New Yorker probably can’t tell a coyote from Balto the Sled Dog, but Central Park’s rangers could, and soon a massive animal-hunt was under way. The Times ran a picture

October 14, 2013

The Big 3 Fought Clinton, And Time Ensured They Lost

President Clinton, trying to rally interest in a treaty to stop global warming, challenged the Big 3 in the past to do more than merely develop prototypes of fuel-efficient cars.

bcThe carmakers will have to transform technological breakthroughs into vehicles people really want to buy, and they should apply fuel-saving advances to trucks as well as cars, he suggested during a White House conference on climate change.

Yet, he also acknowledged that winning consumers over will not be easy.

“Who will buy this stuff?” he wondered out loud last week.

Although he made the remarks

October 7, 2013

DixX Shook Off The Detractors And Became A Success

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Despite a rocky start and widespread derision on the Internet, backers of Divx are remaining steadfast in their commitment to the digital, pay-per-view DVD system. Divx debuted nationwide in October 1998–two months late because of delays in obtaining a sufficient number of Hollywood films–amidst reports of sluggish sales during summer test-marketing in Richmond and San Francisco.

dsodDigital Video Express, the partnership between Circuit City and a Los Angeles law firm that’s pitching Divx, denies that the test-marketing was a disappointment. Josh Dare, Digital Video Express director of communications, says sales went as expected under the

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