Most Popular and Free Listing Real Estate Portals

I’m gonna show websites from the most popular and also online real estate platforms to advertise your property listings for FREE. You can use to put together a real estate listing and post it for thousands of new eyeballs to see.

Discovering the right website for your realty needs might be complicated. Whether you’re searching for your next home or offering a property as a realtor, there are dozens of property websites that can perform the job. Agency-specific real estate sites focus on helping users find and make contact with the best real estate agent within their firm to fit their demands.



Most Popular Highest Advertising Costs  Is a popular online marketplace that concentrates on almost every aspect of real estate. Zillow targets the residential homes market. But if you is looking for something like a vacant land lot so as to build a home on, then it will be a great place to look. It is also useful in order to locate a realtor that will fit your requirements as there’s a big listing of realtors on Zillow.


One of The Largest Portals has transitioned from a destination for finding realtors to all things involved in the home buying experience. Similar to Zillow,’s main focus is on individual homes. While the information and facts are current, the site is more basic and has no the robust attributes of Zillow, Trulia, or the other companies on this list. However, it’s connected to MLS with the most current listings on the market and is a good place to start searching for a home. It also has a texting option to connect to real estate professionals and a pricing feature to assess how specific home features, such as a garage, affect cost.
As one might imagine, is a great place to find a realtor to help with the search for the perfect piece of land.


90 Days Free Listings Is a great site to know about if you’re trying to list and sell vacant land specifically. The site offers a few paid listing options, but it also allows users to post listings for 90 days free. it’s another great option that doesn’t cost any cash and can potentially get your ad seen by potential clients. is excellent partner for those in the land property business and has features useful for buyers and real estate agents alike.
Is quickly becoming a leader in the real estate sector and be the complete end-to-end platform for property buyers and sellers to connect. Fine-tune your regional search by drawing a loop on the map. Agent certification is not required. Best For Discounted advertising Fees.



Free Listing Plan for Realtors is a real estate site with an online marketplace of nationwide listings. The platform allows users to upload various photos of their properties. It also gives you the option of getting direct emails or calls from home buyers or renters.
Search for professional services in your area to support both buyer and seller, The platform bridges users with agents, and helps them in every step of property search and purchase. It boasts strong online methods that make buying and selling a property easy.



Land Listings Packages up to $200 per Month

Land Watch is when compared with Land and Farm for the reason that they exclusively specialise in rural land sales…whether that’s for hunting, timber, waterfront, farms & ranches, or homesites, Land Watch is a place to list it as well as for a land buyer to find it. On Land Watch’s home page, they also provide a section for international land in addition to land auctions. In order to look for land on their site, is free. However, to be able to list or advertise, a user will need to sign up for one of their tiered offers.



Free Online Real Estate Marketplace When most people think of FREE online marketplaces, one of the first websites that comes to mind is Echolist (and as one of the highest traffic websites in the world today, it’s no surprise why). It has long been an ideal place to find buyers and sellers for all types of real estate – mainly because there are a lot of people taking part in every sub-category of this online platform.


Popular Website Average Ad Cost $250 per Month

Trulia like Zillow, is an online residential real estate site that links home sellers with potential buyers, renters, and real estate professionals in the United States. It is a real estate property and rental search site that provides various information, including tips on how to calculate type of mortgage and find local brokers.


Targeted advertising opportunities reduce the costs of each ad.

Are your real estate advertising costs beyond their budget?
Worried if you are paying an excessive amount for ads? Wondering how to lower your advertising costs?

This critical function often represents a significant challenge for Realtors. After all, you need the advertising to keep the flow of customers steady and growing, but with budgets already tight, the last thing you need in your life is another expense.