FachPack, PrintPack and LogIntern Exhibition Stand in Nuremberg, Germany Creative Booth Design Report

By far the most important targets for International acting companies when joining with an exhibition is creating brand recognition. With fascinating exhibition stands, they not only focus on attention they implement and expose even the unique characteristics of the brand. Once they develop a sensation of brand closeness, they automatically connect with the brand.Exhibition visibility is not a difficult task with apparent objectives and preparation Activteam designs are being designed with Target implementation in the general design concept
Inside the framework of the three exhibitions there will be various events and demonstrations of novelties. Exhibiting companies present new developments in the field of improvement of packaging processes, logistics, cost reduction and reduction of delivery times. The exhibition organizer the German Food Industry Association hopes for typically high interest in the fair of packaging materials. Since Germany is one of the recognized leaders in the industry, there are no further show programs for this specialized event it will, of course, become a platform for establishing new business relations and concluding profitable contracts. In the field of packaging production, packaging materials, special technologies for labeling and labeling equipment, monitoring and instrumentation, as well as in the exhibition segment of the press, this exhibition is professionally worked out and therefore represents a serious interest for visitors that are here annually, are expected the same way this autumn.
Activteam recommends focusing on leadership and brand recognition. Through Activteam, the exhibitor goals that went beyond product presentation and sales, precisely because the exhibition stands indicate a level of prestige.
Residing in Forefront in what really matters when exhibiting, visibility recognizable look, leading image, and brand.
Companies who attended the trade show and created there stands with Activteam required the implementation of important requirements in their delivering presentations.
The successful implementation is a crucial part of a contractor and his knowledge and capability of detail thinking and the understanding of complex requirements.

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